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Boost Solar

When you choose Boost for your solar installation, you’re not only choosing the most experienced solar installers in all four states New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia; you’re supporting a business that is looking forward to further support our communities.

We are experts, with vast network of CEC Certified Solar Designers and Installers, and 10+ years of combined experience in this competitive industry.

Currently providing services in NSW, QLD, WA
The Future of Solar Energy

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Our Curated Products

Solar Panels

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular as a source of renewable energy because they do not emit any greenhouse gases, require no fuel, and have no moving parts, making them low-maintenance and long-lasting.
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Solar Inverters

A high-efficiency solar inverter can help maximize the amount of solar energy that can be used by households or fed back into the grid, which can result in greater cost savings and environmental benefits.
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Solar Batteries

Batteries are a key component of a solar power system because they can help reduce reliance on the electrical grid. Considering current Australian market, the ROI on batteries is prolonged.
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Your One Stop Shop For Affordable & Sustainable Solar Energy Solutions.

    Schedule a FREE consultation to get.

    - A custom solar system design

    - A personalized price quote

    - An electric bill savings estimate

    PLUS, when you buy a Boost solar system, you'll get approx. $425/kW federal rebate** & could qualify for feed-in credits

Reasons to install
from Boost Solar

We adopt an individual approach with each and every client
as one size doesn't fit all. Our business model is built
on the below key factors. See how we can help a business
like yours today

Superior Designs

Its a good design that makes a huge difference in the overall output. A lot of things matter to how panels are put on roof.

Simple Setup

The Most professional craftsmen make the install look like a piece of art, no complex timelines.

Energy Efficient

Using Tier 1 panels and tech-oriented brand to maximize the output, Talk about tech and we work on sizing fit to your needs.

Best Discounts

We have known the structures of credible companies operating and support competitive prices with quality.

Easy Control

These system come up with an online monitoring software to display realtime results, on the go.

Tech Services

All our professionals believe in quick after sale services with a dedicated hotline.

Going green has never looked better - We have expanded in 4 states of Australia.

Total suburbs covered
Renewable Energy
Recently finished projects

Bird's-eye view of solar installations

At our core, we believe in delivering tailored solutions that align with our clients' unique needs, here are a few drone captures from the recent installs.

96.3% Installation rate (As per FY 2023)

Overall, our dedication to delivering fast and reliable solar installations and services is a key component of our business model, and we are proud to honor this commitment to our valued clients.

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We adopt an individual approach with each and every client and our business
model is built on the following key promises.