13.3kw Solar System

Why 13 KW Solar System?

For Australian houses with high electricity usage or businesses with relatively low electricity needs, 13 kW solar systems in metro/ regional area serves as an excellent investment without the need of adding panels in future for batteries.
If you don't mind a small upfront investment, a 13 KW solar system like this could be all you need to get started before expanding your solar system. As a 13 kw solar system produces an average of 60-70 units per day.
If you don't mind a small upfront investment, a 13 KW solar system like this could be all you need to get started before expanding your solar system. As a 13 kw solar system produces an average of 60-70 units per day.


Particulars Description
Solar Power Plant 13.28 KW
Solar Panel in Watt 415 kW
Solar Panel Qty 32 units
Solar Structure 13 KW
On Grid Solar Inverter 10 KW
MC4 Connector 9 Pair
DC Junction Box 1
AC Junction Box 1
DC Cable 90 Mtr
AC Cable upto 40 Mtr
Space required approx 80 meter square
Solar Accessories Fasteners, Cable Tie , Crimping Tool, Earthing Kit, Lighting Arresstor
Average Generation *48 Units Per Day.
Warranty 10 years for Complete System.25 years for Solar Panels.
Delivery & Installation Applicable to metro only. Delivery within 7 days from date of order/Sanction.Installation within 7 days from the date of delivery.
Solar Net-Metering Yes, Solar Net-Metering is applicable on this system.

Recommended load on 13 kW solar system

Recommended Load Load Back-up Time
* 8 LED Lights + 8 Fan + 2 ton AC (2 nos)+ Fridge+1 TV+ Washing Machine+1 Cooler 8000 watt 4 Hours
* 12 LED Lights + 6 Fan + 1 ton AC(2 nos)+ Cooler+ Fridge+ 1 TV 6000 watt 6 Hours
* 12 LEDs + 10 Fan + Fridge+ 1 TV+ Washing Machine+1 Cooler 3000 watt 10 Hours

Grid-Connect With Battery Back-Up Solar PV Systems

Getting Started With A Residential 13 KW Solar Panel System
Our 13Kw solar power system is our most valuable package on offer. 13kW system with battery is best choice for small bedroom houses, small offices and little commercial buildings. This system is famous for a reason! With a large range of applications, 13W solar panel system and solar inverter package is a strong and amazing choice for solar energy in Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.
Boost Solar is feel proud to provide the amazing 13 kW solar power panel system with a 5kw inverter for homeowners. We have used to the most modern solar methods and ideas in the business, with big conversion efficiency and low maintenance needed, giving you years of trouble-free us
We Believe In Quality, Which You Can Trust
Boost Solar is 100% Australian owned and provided – and one of the country's best solar system providers. Get best residential 13 kW solar system prices. We have some branches available in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Brisbane. Our 13 kW solar power panel system comes with a 25 year performance warranty, 10 year inverter manufacturer's warranty, and 10 year warranty on workmanship (including installation).
What Is The Price Of A 13 KW Solar System?
Due to lower solar panel prices, the cost of a 13kW system has decreased in recent years.Due to increased mass production of solar panels in China, wholesale PV module prices are decreasing.
A conventional installation with quality tier-one solar panels, a CEC approved inverter, and CEC-approved installation (licenced electricians) costs between $7,856 and $12,910 after applicable rebates. This is subject to changing STC and market costs.
It's crucial with solar panels since you get what you pay for, and premium panels like Jinko and other brands come with their own set of advantages.
For A 13kW Solar System, How Much Roof Space Is Required?
Most home solar panels have a 400 to 500W output rating, so a 13 kW system will require 25-33 solar panels (usually 1.7 metres by 1 metres in size) and 80 meter sq of roof space.
Solar panels that are more efficient use less roof space and often cost more since they use newer technologies.
Is A 13 KW Solar System Appropriate For Your Needs?
The 13 kW solar power system is excellent for high-energy business and residential applications. It has the potential to fuel both small businesses and large households.
However, if you have a large house and your energy expenditure is more than $500, you may want to consider a 13 kW solar system.
If you have a suburban home, an industrial unit, commercial property, or a warehouse, a 13 kw solar panel system is ideal for both energy consumption and savings.
Solar power systems are suited for everyone and every property; all you need to think about are the criteria that affect power output, installation space, and your geographic climatic conditions.
If all conditions are suitable at your location, a 13 kw solar panel installation will be productive and profitable.