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100% Australian owned and operated

Boost Solar is a world-class provider of solar power systems across Australia

Boost Solar is the emerging solar retail arm of Rise Energy Group Pty Ltd. Our
presence in the solar manufacturing sector contributes to Australia’s climate
goals and bolsters its vision of embracing the renewable targets. Residential
buyers today are influenced by several elements beginning from the
identification of a brand’s to how and where they encountered promotional
messages. We believe in making the journey easier through retail, with our
connected network and using highly experienced CEC Accredited installers.


Every Australian should use clean energy source and be independent for energy needs

Trusted Solar Energy Provider

Growth With Sustainability

We are embarked on a journey of helping Australia meet its energy targets. We understand the retail sector is very competitive and figured out few loopholes where quality services aren’t rendered over a period of time. We
have simple goals at the moment, it’s a crucial challenge to maintain
transparency and deliver quality products/ installation to the rooftop sector. The team of professionals make sure their careers align to this growth and the market moves towards more transparency to the consumers

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community building, renewable education and transition to storage sector

The residential market specifically is bifurcated into many sections where affordable solutions is the greatest demand, its obligatory to us to educate the importance of services, ensure they know what they are signing up for and what services are needed for a long-term solar planning. While the PV industry is currently growing through the years, we would love to visualize being pioneers into introducing the best battery solutions and render long term services. The battery demand is currently emerging with higher ROIs. Its vital to choose cutting edge technologies and finding options that suit the demands of consumers. Since it’s the era of social media, its important for customers to spread the word through communities, and build trust on the renewable sector, we look forward to do the same.

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Tech Solar Solutions

While the current market has the biggest challenge of cutting costs and corners and that determines the scalability of the company, we understand these challenges to bring in a range of products approved by CEC and wellestablished brands strictly providing services. We have done our research as most of the professionals are experienced through the sector, all of them are tech oriented. Its important to keep a long term mission and support tech-led
innovations to promote new brands based on that.

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While approaching the residential market, we observed consumer and
system safety to be one of the most important points to consider.
Consumers do get safety manuals but rather ignore those points,
installers cut corners and do shady jobs to save a few bucks. Our
founder’s primary objective is upliftment of the renewable sector, the
growth of the country lies in businesses following ethical measures and
guidelines while committing every task. In a nutshell, safety precautions,
timely monitoring of systems and going beyond statutory requirements
to achieve continual improvement is our biggest goal. We understand
the CEC standards too, the efforts and guidelines are so mandatory to
instill a sense of integrity inside everyone working in this sector. We
have gone through safety forums to understand the industry demands
for future, looking forward to put all practices strictly into


Latest Solar Technology

We offer the latest in solar panel technology to fit your home or business with the most modern solar solution.


Guaranteed Performance

All panels come with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty and our systems are backed by a 5 year warranty on installation and workmanship.

Trusted Solar Energy Provider

Trusted Solar Energy Provider

We are a trusted and reliable solar energy provider.


Premium Quality Solar

We only offer the best solar panel systems in Australia, offering reputable Tier 1 systems at affordable prices.

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Easy Payment Options Available

We offer flexible finance arrangements including zero upfront deposit and interest-free payment plans.


We’re Here To Help

With offices right across Australia, our fast growing network has local consultants and installers ready to help.




Level 14/153 Macquarie St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia
Emerging into the Sydney market, we currently have backup operations to
cater all metro suburbs and provide 10 year workmanship. 



Level 19/10 Eagle St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia
Recently started operations in Brisbane to explore the maximum
opportunities, provide quality systems with 10 year workmanship and
respective product warranties.

Future Plans

Future , Operational, Exapansion

We intend to maximize our network to SA, WA and Victoria by affiliating with
CEC Accredited installers and adding them to our network, we are also
looking to collaborate with best battery brands like Tesla and further expand
storage solutions sector.

Boost solar quality promise

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Faster installation times (without cutting corners)

Boost Solar prides itself on providing faster than average installation times, without cutting corners. With one of the largest nationwide networks and offices right across Australia, we can have your system up and running in nearly half the time that most installers provide. Your residential or commercial property will begin generating clean electricity within an average of 4-6 weeks (based on approval), regardless of system size.

Unrivaled customer support and technical expertise

Boost Solar operates customer care centres in all major cities with extended contact hours. Every Solar PV System that we provide comes with a 10-year workmanship warranty that protects you from any defects resulting from improper installation. This is more than twice the average cover that most PV contractors offer.

We only use quality, tier 1 systems from top-performing manufacturers and all of our Solar PV Systems come with a minimum 25-year panel performance warranty to ensure stable system performance and reliability.

We have access to the largest range of Solar PV panels and inverters in Australia and our experienced installers have already installed over 90,000 kilowatts of solar capacity PV components.

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Residential Solar

Unbeatable value

Given our huge supplier network and long-standing vendor relationships, we routinely receive volume discounts for the PV components we order. We’re able to pass these savings on to you. No solar installer in Australia can approach the level of service we provide – certainly not at the prices we charge!

Staying in touch with the community

For all the latest updates and developments on solar power in Australia, as well as offers from Boost Solar, you can Find us on Facebook.

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